Adams Rite 7195-370 symmetrical strike body and associated face plate offers additional flexibility, over and above, the options provided by the non-symmetrical body models.
It is suitable for wooden and aluminum doors where the number of passes is not much.


  • The  strike include an adjustable jaw, max. 4mm.
  • The main advantage is that due to the symmetrical shape of the strike body the deadlocking bolt aperture in the faceplate can be positioned closer to the latchbolt aperture catering for locks with a dimension of 24mm between the top of the deadbolt and the bottom edge of the latchbolt.
Technical Data

Voltage Tolerance:

12v (±15%).



Fail Secure:


Jaw Strength


Jaw Adjustment:  

Max 4mm.


Faceplate No.9: 249mm x 25mm. Flat. 

Faceplate No.7: 249mm x 25mm. Flat.

Faceplate No.8: 250mm x 22mm. Flat

Faceplate Finish: 

Stainless steel. 


CE Marked.

Current Draw: 

1220 mA @ 12vDC, 900 mA @ 12vAC

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