CLIQ® in Banking and Finance

Where is CLIQ used?

  • Retail banks 
  • Banking and finance offices 
  • Cashpoints and ATMs 
  • Cash-in-transit businesses

Who is considered?

  • Employees/Managers 
  • Cash Transport Contractors 
  • Out-of-Hours Cleaning Staff


Your doors and other openings require the highest level of layered security. Your locks should be installed without disrupting day-to-day business. Some contractors may need access only at specific times of the day or week. You need easy audit trail generation so you always know who entered where, and when.

CLIQ Solution

CLIQ’s powerful key access control functionality protects all kinds of banking and finance buildings, at doors and many other access points. Additional features adapted to this sector include:

  • Padlocks for securing ATM and cashpoint housing
  • CLIQ Connect solution for managing cash transportation securely   
  • Online opening function even in offline systems


Company Type:

Sondrio, Italy


Management System:
CLIQ Web Manager

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