CLIQ® increases the security of controlled drugs and medicines

The customer

Ampelmann (shops & café)

Berlin, Germany

CLIQ devices installed:
eCLIQ locking system with cylinders & battery-powered keys

Year of installation:

The challenge

Branches across Berlin

The company owns the trademark of the “Ampelmännchen” traffic-light characters from East Germany.

All products featuring this cult character are developed and designed by AMPELMANN. The collection has been used in many designs, and has gained recognition in the international market.

Key requirements included:

  • access control for 6 shops in some of Berlin’s best shopping locations, plus a restaurant and café   
  • a solution with quick and easy administration of access authorisations   
  • access control to accommodate the needs of AMPELMANN’s decentralised organisation

The solution

Design and function

AMPELMANN chose eCLIQ, a user-friendly and reliable solution with robust, secure components and striking design — perfect for a retail environment.

The decisive factor was functionality: changes in access authorisations are made easily and flexibly by assigning rights within eCLIQ, either at the cylinders or directly to keys.

No lost key hassles

Any lost eCLIQ keys are simply deactivated electronically.

It is possible to issue temporary and location-limited access authorisations. For instance, technicians can be issued a single authorisation for a specific task, or cleaners granted access to certain branches at specific times.

“Decisive in our choice of eCLIQ was that we could control access authorisations easily and flexibly at any time. If a key is lost, we can easily deactivate and disable it.”

Markus Heckhausen, owner, AMPELMANN GmbH