Student accommodations chose flexibility from SMARTair®

A single programmable SMARTair card can open bedrooms, common areas and student safes.

The customer

Funway Academic Resort

Madrid, Spain

Year of installation:

SMARTair devices installed:
166 SMARTair Update on Card escutcheons, 6 wall readers & 123 e-motion cabinet locks

RFID Technology:

The challenge

296,000 Madrid students are potential customers

This student accommodation provides a range of premium facilities beyond just rooms with Wi-Fi. Residents can access a swimming pool, gym, laundry facilities, restaurant, games room and a rooftop bar.

Funway takes its duty of care seriously. Managers sought a modern, flexible access control solution to protect the young people who live there.

Key requirements of the customer included:

    a secure system robust enough to handle high traffic volume in common areas

    devices to fit all Funway’s door types, including rooms and lockers

    the flexibility to cope with rapid and high turnover in site users

    a solution that requires students and other users to regularly update their access permissions

The solution

Locks & energy saving devices

Student rooms are locked with SMARTair® escutcheons. Energy-saving wall devices regulate electricity use, and students have a safe with a SMARTair® e-motion cabinet lock.

Students and staff open all authorised doors with the same access card: Funway’s gym, study rooms, games rooms, pool and changing rooms, spa and staff areas are also locked with SMARTair® escutcheons.

Intuitive & secure

Wall readers at the main entrance function as updaters. So, all users are “forced” to revalidate access rights every time they enter. The intuitive SMARTair™ TS1000 software makes day-to-day facilities admin easy.

Adding or deleting a user’s access rights is simple — so security is not compromised if a student loses their smart card.

"The system meets the expectations we had and offers very easy maintenance."

- Mario Arias, Facility Manager at Funway